Ducktails - Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Cassette)


Ducktails - Daffy Duck in Hollywood (Cassette)

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This is an exclusive cassette for the Ducktails, James Ferraro, Typhonian Highlife Euroflex 2017 tour. Featuring 60 minutes of unreleased music recorded by Matthew Mondanile between 2014 - 2016 in Los Angeles, CA. This isn't an album but a collection of songs from different recording sessions. Download is delivered as a zip file in two tracks, Side A and Side B with art included.  Listen to Side B here.

Side A
1. Prelude
2. Jane
3. Silence To Sing
4. The Patio
5. The Mockingbird
6. Don't Want to Let You Know
7. The Conversation

Side B
1. Emma's Trip
2. Carousel
3. San Gabriel Valley
4. Running Out of Love
5. Angel Wings
6. Cemetery Dance
7. Venetian Song
8. x66

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