Ducktails - Watercolors (Digital Pre-Order)

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LP cover art DIGITAL for www.jpg

Ducktails - Watercolors (Digital Pre-Order)

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Ducktails - Watercolors ( Pre - Order Digital Album + PDF insert)
will be delivered to your email June 21st, 2019

Answered in a Prayer
Deal with It
Blue Light
The Ocean Floor
Lip Service
The Curtain’s Moon
Olympic Air
Bad Guy

written, recorded and mixed by Matthew A. Mondanile from March 2018 - May 2019 
in Ridgewood, New Jersey
Antwerp, Belgium
and Athens, Greece 

Matthew A. Mondanile - guitar, bass, keyboard, drum programming, vocals, guitar synthesizer 
Sergios Voudris - engineer, vocal harmonies, bass, pianet, rhodes 
Yani Martinelli - vocals, guitar, keyboard
Kostas Stergiou - drums 
Dimitris Karayiannis - saxophone 

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